Wanderlust and deeply passionate about the art of storytelling, Debra has traveled and worked extensively throughout the globe with a special focus on India and Nepal. She has lived in tents for months on end, waded through swollen, icy rivers, slipped down mudslides, endured snowstorms and lived in ashrams in the heat of India, in pursuit of a great story.

Kellner’s work is always a confrontation in between light and subject. Widely known for her sense of composition, Debra’s work has been showcased in such prestigious photo exhibitions as Visa pour l’Image. 

Author of several books, she has written and directed numerous documentaries and shorts. She publishes with magazines such as National Geographic, Paris Match, Geo, Le Figaro, ELLE, and Stern Magazine.

 All throughout her career, her work has had special focus on women and their active role in the world. Mother of two spirited teenagers, her work on women’s issues is held close to her heart. At present, she directs commercials and films on social issues that have a global impact on the world. Debra continues her work as a photojournalist and is currently preparing her first feature film, a Buddhist comedy set in the Nepalese Himalaya and India.